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 How it started...

I’ve been riding horses since I was a very young child. I loved all sorts of animals, and at some point decided to go to college and obtain my bachelors of science degree In Agricultural science/pre-veterinary medicine from Tennessee State University. 

After I graduated, I got married, had four children, and supported my husband during his career as an NFL player for 8 years.


I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with God on my mind and my bible in my hand and I kept hearing, get back the saddle.

So I obeyed.


 Meant to be...

We found our farm, built a barn and needed to put a horse in it. 


I was literally just needing a quarter horse to ride on the trails on occasion and maybe run fast in some barrel racing from time to time, but I rode my first reining horse, Cope, and that was all she wrote.


I fell in love with horsemanship!

So here I am...

Since that encounter, I’ve been certified and accredited by Lyons Legacy. 

Certified and Accredited Lyons Legacy Trainer

Also holding a Bachelors of Science Degree in Agriculture / Pre-Vet from Tennessee State University  and Actively competing in NRHA Reining

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